Karl L. Kruger was born in Wheaton,Minnesota, a small town with a population of approximately 1,500 in the heartland of America. At the age of seventeen, he joined the United States Navy in order to see more of theworld. He was stationed in San Diego, California in 1988 and has called it his home ever since. He currently lives in San Diego with his wife of seventeen years, their twochildren, and three very spoiled cats.

The author in Fallujah, Iraq


At the tender young age of six, Karl quickly took to Greek mythology. Reading every book on the subject in his school library, he eventually began writing his own. These evolved into tales centered on heroes from other genres including modern fantasy and science fiction. His favorite authors are: Anne McCaffrey, Eoin Colfer, David Eddings, and G.P. Taylor. Many of his favorite stories, however, can still be found among the works of the ancient Greeks such as Aeschylus and Aristophanes.

The author infusing blood while flying over Baghdad

In the middle of writing Pajo, Karl was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq where he served as a Combat Trauma and En Route Care nurse. Revising the manuscript on a broken crate that served as a makeshift desk in Fallujah, he returned home to begin the publishing process.
He is presently serving in the United States Navy Nurse Corps as an critical care nurse in the Emergency Room at Naval Hospital 29 Palms, Marine Air/Ground Combat Center.