January 4, 2008

More Character Discussion Series!

Greetings, Reader. Let's continue with the Character Discussion Series and talk about Mikah. His name is pronounced Mikah (MIKE-ah) Mifioch (MIF-ee-ock). His character was created for a couple of reasons: One, to be a companion of Pajo that could, in at least a limited way, illustrate to the reader the Nirdehnian Arts. And two, to act as a counterpoint to Talm. In fact, it's difficult to talk about Mikah without bringing up his relationship to Talm. The two of them are practically polar opposites, and yet become the closest of friends. But we'll talk about their particular dynamic next week when we talk about Talm, himself.

He has a thirst for knowledge and reads everything that he can get his hands on. He is an orphan, as are many children in the Kingdom of Straemier, but is one of the lucky ones who grew up within a privately supported orphanage in the relatively remote village of Lumos. He, unlike Talm, had access to food, a school system, and adult supervision and support. But, as most people do, he took these things for granted until he was without them.

Mikah tends to be a bit of a contradiction in the fact that he is at once very learned for his age, and yet unable to hold his concentration for more than a brief span. As a nurse, I've had limited experiences with children who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, and yet manage to excel at many things scholarly. I've also seen how a cataclysmic event can alter a person's point-of-view or motivation and how this can, in turn, alter a person's prognosis. I wanted to include that type of character in the series. A character who was very well read, and yet struggled with how his brain processed all of this information that he took in. A person who learned, to a degree, how to overcome his shortcomings, not with passionate extroversion, but with calm, reasoned introspection.

Happy New Year, Reader! I hope your New Year's was a happy one. Wonder-Con 2008 is right around the corner! I hope to see you there.

Again, be well, Reader,

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