March 5, 2008

Book II Well Underway!

Hello again, Reader! As more people have read Pajo, I've been asked more and more about the second book in the series. I've been asked if I have started Book II. Actually, I started the second book immediately after finishing the rough draft for Pajo. The outline and the first thirty pages were finished while I was still in Fallujah, Iraq! But the publishing process and the marketing for Pajo have taken up so much of my time that I've had to postpone writing the next installment of The Three Pillars series. But now I am back in full-on writing mode!

Spoilers? Well, I can say that a couple of new characters will be introduced (one of whom comes from Geara! Ever wonder why that's on the map but not mentioned in Pajo?). And the characters that you already know will be back, of course.

Judging by the outline, I estimate that The Prince's Orphans (Book II) will be considerably longer than Pajo. I think around 600 pages. So I will be continually updating you on the progress through these blogs (notice the percentage below). It is my hope to have a completed work in time for unveiling in San Diego at Comic-Con 2009 (July 2009).

Ever always Reader, be well,

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The Prince's Orphans completion: 35/600 pages (5.8%)