March 20, 2008

Pajo Wins Honorable Mention in Two Categories!
New Pajo Artwork!

Greetings from The Burn Pit, Reader. Two exciting bits of news. First, Pajo has won the Readerviews Honorable Mention in both the Children-over 7 and the Fantasy categories! Readerviews is a well-respected organization and it means a great deal to me to have Pajo honored like this! You can see the other winners in all categories here. Since seeing all of the great books on that site, my long list of books to read has now nearly doubled.

Second, Our good friend, David Morris, has graced us with another sketch of Pajo and Crimson! For those of you who may not know him, David Morris is the Associate Producer of the Bristol International Comic Expo! This is the largest convention for the popular arts in the United Kingdom. To learn more, go to The sketch that he did after reading Pajo can be found here.

I am spending most of my time working in the Intensive Care Unit at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego. But in my off time I am still busily working on The Prince's Orphans. I will keep you posted as progress is made.

Until next time, Reader,

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The Prince's Orphans completion: 48/600 pages (8.00%)