April 24, 2008

New Character Discussed!

How have you been, Reader? All is well on the homefront here at the Burn Pit. More progress is being made on The Prince's Orphans, but there never seems to be enough time to work on it.

As those who are regular visitors to this site and the forum know, The Prince's Orphans will introduce a few new characters. The main four characters will remain, of course. They still have a lot of growing to do, and the current confrontational climate in the kingdom of Straemier that was hinted at in Pajo will certainly provide ample opportunity for growth. But I thought that I would share with the faithful a few glimpses into the newer characters.

If you have read the March 16, 2008 blog, then you have already met Sakra Aesraiyu - The Dragoneer. But today, Reader, I thought that I would introduce you to Qaysa Nagrom - The Prime Archer.

She, like a few of the female population of central Straemier, has received training at the Tukop Academy for Girls located in Geara. This elite private school uses the philosophy of Tukop, an ancient female archer, as a central theme. Here is an excerpt from when Sakra first meets Qaysa and asks her about her particular world view.

“Does everything that you do hold a lesson?”
“Well, yes. Doesn’t everything that you do hold significance? Look,” she explained. “The string itself is life. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end.” Qaysa held up the length of string to illustrate her point. Sakra looked intently at the string. He was fascinated with her reasoning. “Everyone has a birth. Everyone has a death.”
“And the middle?” Sakra asked with a grin.
“That’s for everyone to determine for themselves. Do you see this?” Qaysa was fingering a slightly thicker portion of the string upon which the arrow rested just prior to its release. “This is called the bora. This signifies the now.”
“This is its purpose,” interjected Sakra, catching on to its meaning.
“Yes, exactly. In the now—the moment in time in which you stand—lies the purpose for your existence."

Although Straemier had been peaceful for over a thousand years, this often unheard of school had been training young ladies in the theoretical art of war. As you can well imagine, a group of individuals who had been trained to use a bow since before they could walk just might come in handy as war descends on this already fragile kingdom.

"The bow pulled back smoothly, gracefully. The lean muscles of Qaysa’s back and shoulders flexed, but never quivered. Her expression was one of pure concentration. There was no effort seen in her face. Her stance was balanced and perfect. She was in one moment the epitome of grace and beauty—and yet also of war and terror."

Hope you enjoyed this, Reader. Be well.

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