July 1, 2008

Author Interview Online!

Hello again, Reader. I just thought that I would share with you an interview with Crystal Adkins. It's the first one of these that I've done, so forgive me if my answers are a bit naive! The interview can be found on the Media page of this site (access found on the Pajo page) or by clicking here.

In other news, I have pretty much made my transition to the 29 Palms Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center Emergency Room. As a nurse, it's a pretty good experience. I've done trauma care in Fallujah, Iraq. I've done critical care in the Naval Hospital San Diego Intensive Care Unit. So now having that Emergency Room experience will give me the "trifecta" of critical nursing care. Where after this? Only the Navy knows for sure...

The new house is still in shambles. Actually, the wonderful California Department of Veteran's Affairs (Loan Division) hasn't finished with the mounds of paperwork involved to finalize this thing. So while I am chomping at the bit to rip down some walls, I find myself doing other work around the rental house that we're in now.

What this all comes down to is that I have typed a total of eight words for The Prince's Orphans. I'm not making that up. I've opened up several of the segments that I've written so far and changed a total of eight words. Not a lot of progress, I know. Although these things have all sprouted up at once, Book Two is still at the top of my priority list and I am still confident that I can make the July 2009 publication goal.

Keep checking back on the progress, Reader. Now that I'm more settled in other areas of my life, I should get more words on the page. Toss a couple of hot dogs on the grill for the Fourth of July and Be Well.

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