August 19 , 2008

Book II Progress !

Okay, Reader. After taking inventory of the various bumps, bruises, cuts, scraps, and (believe it or not) dislocations, I've come to one inevitable conclusion...

My new house is trying to kill me.

We are still sleeping on the floor in the living room, but I just finished re-wiring my bedroom and put up a fresh coat of paint. With some luck, I just might be sleeping in my own room by this weekend. Do me a huge favor and keep your fingers crossed for sanity is at stake, here.

Progress on the sequel is going slowly, but I am pleased with the direction that the story is going. It's wonderful when you have the story as a whole in your head. But as pen goes to paper, smaller parts of the overall story begin to come into greater focus. It is a very gratifying, and entertaining, process. It is my sincere desire that you all enjoy the finished product at least as much as I enjoy writing it.

I promise that I won't take as much time to update you next time, Reader. Keep checking back. More news to follow. Take care, Reader. School is just around the corner, so try to squeeze in one more summer novel!

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