September 28, 2008

New Book II Concept Art !

Hello again from the Burn Pit, Reader. I was saving this for some time in the future, but I just couldn't wait any more! As many of you know, the immensely talented David Morris has been doing some sketches for Pajo and The Prince's Orphans. Not only that, but, barring scheduling difficulties, he will be doing the cover art for both the re-release of Pajo and the second book in the series, The Prince's Orphans. The latest sketch in regards to Book II that he has given us can be seen here. You can see why I am so excited about having him onboard! Make sure that you all stop by his website at and check out the great things that he is doing over in Bristol. By the way David, I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one having difficulty with his house! Misery does indeed love company!

The writing is still coming slowly but surely. Work in the Emergency Room is taking it's toll...especially now that I'm working night shift. But I'm not complaining. It puts food on the table...well, if I had a table right now, that is...

Take care of yourself, Reader. Keep reading and try to enjoy autumn 2008 while it's still here.

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