October 12, 2007

The Burn Pit goes public!

Greetings Reader! This marks the first entry into my author blog, "The Burn Pit." This page will be updated monthly and will go through modifications as content increases and/or I learn more about website development!

The first question that people ask me about this blog is invariably, "Why 'The Burn Pit'?" The answer is thus: When I first arrived in Fallujah, Iraq, I immediately set out to find a desk for my laptop (the same laptop upon which I am typing this very entry!). For those of you who have been there, you know that most of the "furniture" over there is nothing more than spare lumber haphazzardly nailed together. Upon an uneven crate that was stacked in the corner was written in bold, "Burn Pit." Apparently, someone destined this humble hunk of wood for destruction. I felt sorry for the poor thing and grabbed it up. I would tell people, "I'm going back to the Burn Pit to type..." It had such a humble feel to it.

I finished the first draft of Pajo on that crate. Since then, regardless of my location, wherever I sit down to do some serious typing is termed, "The Burn Pit." So, you see, even though that rickety old crate is still over in Fallujah somewhere, I am writing to you from the Burn Pit right now.

And so, Reader, I bid you good reading until next time. Be well.


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