November 10, 2008

Let the Easter Egg Hunt Begin!

Alright, Reader. I know that it's not April, but I thought that I would share a couple of things with you that I've hidden throughout this website. Three actually: a story, a song, and a drawing.

Story: Before I started writing The Prince's Orphans, which many of you know is the name of a Straemierian fairy tale mentioned in Pajo, I thought that it would be a good idea to put the fairy tale to paper. I followed a similar format and repetitive cadence found in many early fairy tales such as those written by the Grimms or Anderson.

Song: The song sung by Talm in the series is actually a derivation of a sea chantey sung by sailors who sailed largely around the northeastern coast of the United States. Written anonymously and changed several times, it commonly is named, 'Homeward Bound'.

Drawing: David Morris drew and colored a drawing of Pajo that he interpreted to be his 'transformed state'. If you have read the ending of Pajo then you may have an idea of where he was going with this. It was a bit off vision, however! I referred to it as "Pajo after that horrible gamma-ray bomb explosion!" David and I had a good chuckle and thereafter referred to the drawing as, "Hulkbuster Pajo".

There you are, Reader. Three bonus pages tucked away somewhere in the pages here on this website. Good luck and thank a veteran on Veteran's Day!

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