December 20, 2007

New Forum site!
Character discussion series kicks off!

Hey there, Reader! Firstly, I wanted to let you all know that the administrator of the forum site (The Cloak and the Crossbow) has changed formats. She was receiving several complaints regarding inability to post. I think she was also chomping at the bit to change some of the format, too. So you should find that link under "Forum" above. So, as Book would say, "Go and post like crazy!"

Next, I've been asked on several occasions to talk about the correct pronunciation, and even the inspiration, for some of the characters in Pajo. So first I'll discuss Pajo himself.

His full name is Pajajopi (pah-jah-JOH-pee) Bamatojasi (bah-maa-toh-JAZ-ee) and his nickname is simply Pajo (PAH-joh). I've been told by several people that they believe the origins of this name are Hindi. Others have said American Indian. The name does have significance (as most names do in fiction), but that is just something that I have made up my mind to keep to myself. If you have your theories, post them on the forum. If you get close...well, I may just let you know.

Pajo first came about when I was thinking that I wanted a "non-hero" type to be featured as the protagonist. Someone that you, the reader, wouldn't initially like or identify with. People thought that it was a crazy notion. Give the reader a main character that they don't like? Madness! But I believe that in making the protagonist a non-human character, that everyone will eventually be able to identify with him. Regardless of race, age, or even gender. I wanted a character that would do what is right-not because he wanted to-but because he feels that he has to. A character who feels a moral imperative to do right, even though it goes against his instinct for self-preservation.

Many of you already know that I wrote this story for my two children. Metaphorically, Pajo represents that ugly, non-worthy person that many tweens and teens feel is inside of them. I wanted to show that even this person has meaning and purpose.

Lastly, I sincerely hope that you have a very Merry Christmas, Reader. Go grab some egg nog or spiced cider and curl up under the comforter with a good book!

Be well, Reader,

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