December 27, 2007

Character Discussion Series continues!

Hello, Reader. Continuing with the Character Discussion Series, I'll talk about Jetha. Her name is pronounced Jetha (JETH-ah) Pottidge (PAH-tidj). Most characters in the story speak her name only when they will formally receive healing, otherwise everyone cordially refers to her as, "M'Lady."

I wanted to impress to the reader that fulfilling the office of the Healer was both a blessing and a curse. She is the most well known-and loved-person in Straemier, and yet is the most solitary. Her character was originally meant to make some sort of statement about how we view celebrity (even how sometimes we impose celebrity), but her character evolved to fulfill a much greater purpose in the story. Her character was meant to develop from a person who was a slightly snooty celebrity to a genuine heroine with a distinctive and important role in the kingdom.

When my daughter was first reading the manuscript (she's my most trusted critic!), she said, "Dad...I don't think I like Jetha!" Knowing that she was only in the first third of the book I answered, "That's kind of the point!" Hers is a journey from insecurity to greater confidence as she gains trust and respect from her peers. And her mother...that's for book two!

Well, I hope that you have a very Happy New Year, Reader. Every New Year's Day holds the promise of a year that is better than the one before. Let's all work to ensure that remains true.

As always, be well, Reader,

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