April 22, 2010

Still Waiting ...

Well, Reader, I really wish there was more to say in regards to the re-release of Pajo and the soon thereafter release of The Prince's Orphans, but I'm afraid that we're all still waiting for the editing process to come to a close. So I suppose it would be appropriate to talk a bit about that process.

The question is invariably raised, "How much editing is enough?" or the similar, "When do you know that you've reached a point where the editing process is finished?" I wish there was a hard-and-fast answer for these, but there isn't one. The truth is that anyone can take a passage of narrative and rephrase it in a near infinite number of ways.

Pajo is being edited (or shredded, as a friend of mine likes to say) by an independent editor/agent after going through no less than three rounds of the same by others. Granted, the English language does have a set standard that most (third person) narratives cannot get around. But the English language is also flexible enough (via synonyms, voicing, and the like) to afford the leeway to rephrase the same passages a number of different ways.

I do agree, however, that the more rounds a manuscript goes through, the more polished product an author receives for release. Which is, of course, what we're trying to do with Pajo. And, of course, why this is taking so mind-numbingly long!

Please hang in there, Reader. I greatly appreciate your patience (which must be a fair measure more than mine!) and I will try to keep you updated regularly. Until next time, Reader, Be Well.

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