"Original and utterly captivating. Pajo is an extraordinary tale of ancient magic, breathless adventure, and the power of the human spirit. Fantasy has a new master, and his name is Karl L. Kruger."
-- Jeff Edwards, award-winning author of Torpedo.

"It's great that you could avoid the stereotype of a beautiful, perfect main character. Pajo isn't even human, which usually seems like a requirement. However, you have crafted a strong-minded, kind-hearted (non-human!) character that you can't help but root for. Bravo!"
-- Juliet, 14

"Crimson-I know it's silly-[is my favorite character] because she helps though sometimes you're not sure how. Mysterious!
-- Susan, 26

"If you don't pick up this book, you've already lost the magic in your life!"
-- Phil, 19

"...truly is a fine piece of fiction."
-- Ashley, 14

"I liked that [the story] was multi-dimentional [with] lots of different character/archetype development."
-- Jeramie, 28

"Pajo [is my favorite character] because he's such a surprising...being!"
-- Jennette, 13